Timson ZMR

Our "Zero Makeready Press" combines the latest in shaftless technologies with Timsons book expertise, making it the ultimate 1 or 2 color Book Press


Change Forms Without Stopping with a “ZMR”

The Timson Zero Makeready press enables operators to easily replace the printing plates while the press continues to produce product at full production speeds.
With approximately 300 copies remaining on the current form the non-running unit is accelerated to the exact press speed and phased into register. When the current form ends the running units impression is automatically thrown off, & the new unit is engaged.
The waste form to form is kept to an absolute minimum, typically forty copies or less. With plate-changes taking 3 minutes or less even short counts can be run at high production speeds.

Due to its short web lead, the ZMR press is also an exceptional two-color press. In two-color mode, the press utilizes tool-less semi-automatic plate loading and unloading, as well as the Timsons QMR (Quick Make-Ready) sequence to change plates quickly and reduce make-ready time on two-color printing.

Utilizing the Timson M7/4 open three-sides folder, the press will produce 16, 32, 48, or even 64-pages from a single web. Higher page counts per form = fewer forms/job; thus, the bindery will use less pockets.

The ZMR is equipped with the most up-to-date independent drives, plc press controls, and an operator friendly H.M.I. (Human Machine Interface). Modems are provided to allow remote access by Timsons UK or USA for quick diagnosis and control program updates.

The Timson T-48A ZMR press is designed with the short-run book printer in mind. Low running waste and no make-ready downtime equates to maximum up-time and non-stop profitability.


A Timsons ZMR has not only broken records for the 1 hour and 24 hour number of make-readies but has shattered them.

On May 5 2011, 379 forms /make-readies in a 24 hour period were accomplished.
This is an average of nearly 16 make-readies per hour! Seven hundred and fifty eight plates (758) were used in this 24 hour period.

This same ZMR press has also just recently completed 29 make-readies in a 1 hour :40 minute time frame. Once again this was a record setting performance.

The ZMR press configuration has revolutionized the way the short-run book printer deals with workflow. Run lengths as short as 500 copies thought to be only cost effective on sheetfed or digital presses are efficiently produced on the ZMR.

In addition to zero make-ready the ZMR press is also an exceptional two-color press. In two–color mode the press utilizes tool-less, semi-automatic plate loading/unloading and the Timsons QMR “Quick Make-Ready” sequence to change plates quickly.

The ZMR press printer that accomplished all the make-ready records also achieved the following benefits.

  • Savings of more than $1.4 million annually in pressroom operating costs.
  • A 40 percent reduction in paper waste.
  • Improved product quality.
  • Improved customer service by reducing cycle time.

Timsons has ZMR’s using both UV and conventional heatset inks along with coldset applications.

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