THINK - There is a Better Way

Together with some of the most forward thinking suppliers in the printing industry Timsons Inc has developed solutions to address many of the major issues facing printers today

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Timson - ZMR

The Timson Zero Make-Ready press is the flagship of Timsons line of offset book presses. The ZMR offers continuous single color production or high quality 2 color.

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The "Digital" book press. T-Print provides the widest digital print platform available, add Timsons unique variable folder for unsurpassed productivity.

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T14 - 4 Color

4 Color presses may be a major investment, but by combining bespoke cylinder sizes with Timsons patented folder technologies you can now achieve multiple book sizes from one machine

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Timson T-Fold

A three sides open long grain folded signature can be produced throughout a range of sizes and collect modes and delivered as a sequential pre-gathered book or as discreet sections. There simply is no competition and no need to compromise.

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I.Mer - J.Color

Better Print Through Technology Timsons Inc is very pleased to welcome I.Mer & their J.Color technology into our family of products.

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Print Books on the ONLY presses custom designed specifically for Book production. Consult Timsons book experts today for to see how a Timson can improve your bottom line!

Welcome to Timsons Inc

Timsons Inc is dedicated to supporting all printers using innovative solutions in technology & chemistry.

As physical book demand has diminished, Timsons Inc dedicated ourselves to finding ways to improve the performance and profitability of printing equipment already in the field.

Printers face many challenges today, notwithstanding current market pressures, state and government regulations require reporting of all regulated toxins & hazardous air pollutants.

 With this in mind & with the assistance of strategic industry partners we reviewed the entire printing process from image file management through ink transfer & pressroom chemistry.

With the assistance of the THINK consortium of suppliers we developed a range of products and press-room chemistry that can enhance the efficiency of any offset operation.

 For over 100 years, Timsons has designed and manufactured custom presses to print quality products efficiently and economically, THINK takes that all that knowledge and focuses it on enhancing current equipment with today’s technology & chemistry.

See what “THINK” can do for you, applications are suited to Web, Sheetfed and Metal Deco markets

Timson T48

Our T48 press was the successor to our very successful T32 line of book presses. By changing to a vertical web line the T48 offerers faster semi automatic plate changes as well as an upgrade route to our flagship ZMR press.

Timson ZMR

The ZMR is quite literally the most productive book press on the market. By combining non-stop productivity with Timsons patented folder technologies this, Zero Make Ready press became the ultimate book press.

T14-4 Color

A 4 color press designed to print books. Let Commercial presses print magazines, by combining bespoke cylinder sizes with change size folder modules you can buy 1 but get 3 or 4 quality, 4 color book presses.

Timson T-Print

With this wide format ink jet book press you get the best of both worlds. By combining width, speed & Timsons folder technologies, short to medium length runs are now commercially viable to print digitally