Timson Builds More than Presses We Build Solutions!
All of our Presses are custom designed and engineered to match your specific requirements.

Welcome to Timsons Press Solutions

For over 110 years Timsons have rarely built two identical book presses because the output from each machine services a unique market.

When you buy a Timsons book press you get far more than just a press. You have a Timsons’ commitment –the beginning of a partnership between our two companies. It’s our way of doing business which started in the 19th Century and which continues to grow and develop today and into the future.

Every press is manufactured utilizing hand-built construction with thick cast iron frames and stainless steel print cylinders to ensure consistent print accuracy and long term durability. Most Timsons presses made in the last 40 years are still in daily use around the world.

Our current press and finishing line-up covers the entire spectrum of book production, from out Digital T-Print to our 4-Color highly versatile litho press, however and whatever book you wish to produce Timsons has a solution for you!

Contact Us – Today and Timsons Book Experts will guide you to the most efficient book printing solution custom fit to your requirements.