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Pressroom products have historically been some of the worse chemicals used in any industry, being both high in VOC's and Regulated Toxins.

THINK's Sustainable chemistry is not only better for the environment, but far better for your employee's health and your pocket book.

Our chemistry is void of SARA Title 313 & Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP’s) so you have nothing to report. VOC’s are also extremely low as measured by (Method 24) so meet or exceed current state and government regulations.

THINK Sustainable Pressroom Chemistry is tomorrows chemistry, available today. Let us help you improve your working environment, and reduce your consumption while improving your print quality.

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"Less is Best","Min-Min" these are common printing phrases, yet the chemistry up until now did not support it.

THINK chemistry changes all of that, whether web or sheetfed, by eliminating  petroleum products and using proprietary resins and varnishes, printing with thinner ink films becomes possible.

In combination with THINK+HR Fount we are able to run up to 30% less ink while still maintaining rich CMYK colors.

These thinner films are able to oxygenate far faster enabling rapid drying.  Turning & folding processes can be completed in a fraction of the original wait time & in certain applications machines can be converted to coldset. 

Almost as a side benefit print quality is improved as a thinner film on the plate means less ink above the grain to spread out, therefore reducing dot gain.

THINK + HR - Fountain Solution

THINK+HR is not only better for the environment but your press will drink less, print better & require fewer blanket washes.

THINK is all about "less is best" so THINK High Release has been developed to break down the waters surface tension & provide the absolute minimum water film thickness possible, while providing additional lubrication to the blanket.

As we all know less water = less ink, so rather than printing in the middle or top of the ink/water ladder you can start & stay on the bottom rung without sacrificing blanket release.

As with all our chemistry there are no petroleum products, so THINK+HR has no SARA Title 313 or (HAP’s) pollutants so again you have nothing to report.

You will be surprised when printing in balance with minimal ink & water, just how good your old press can really print. Why not give it a try?


THINK RW - Roller Wash

THINK - Why do you use so much roller wash? Could it be that it is flashing off before it has done it's job?

High VOC solvents just don't cut it & worse still they cause health & regulatory issues for you & your employees.

THINK Roller Wash is derived from vegetable oils & has no SARA Title 313 Chemicals or Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP’s) so you have nothing to report.

Better than that being very low in VOC's it does not attack your roller rubber compounds & stays around to finish the job, you will be amazed at how much one bottle can do.


Why wait until you are forced to give up yesterday's unsafe chemistry?

Not only is there an alternative, but it's a better alternative, available right now.

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