Productivity Audit

Are You Getting the Most From Your Timson?

It is a common goal of all our users to look for ways of becoming more productive with the equipment and resources already at their disposal. To that end, Timsons is committed to working with all our customers to ensure their presses not only achieve, but exceed all productivity expectations.

Are you happy with the production figures your presses are achieving? Do you think they can be improved?

Timsons would welcome the opportunity to work with you and your colleagues to determine why you may not be achieving your production goals. We will work together with your staff to identify the problem areas and develop solutions which can be implemented immediately. We will also structure training programs or procedural changes specific to your organization.
This program will be utilized to evaluate the overall performance of the press line.

Many production factors influence the productivity of the Timson equipment; these may include any or all of the following;

  • Scheduling
  • Materials
  • Procedures
  • Experience
  • Mechanical Integrity

Issues in any one of these areas can be highly detrimental to performance.

Based upon our observations recommendations will be made enabling you to achieve;

  • Increased press speeds
  • Reduced waste
  • Faster make ready times

The audit will also highlight specific areas that require additional training. We will subsequently tailor a training program for your crews based on these areas.

A highly qualified Timsons engineer will work with your press crews and first-line management for one (1) week to evaluate the productivity & integrity of the press. A comprehensive report with detailed recommendations will be submitted. We will then prepare an implementation plan and schedule.

Scheduled follow-up visits would ensure the projected productivity improvements are attained.