Let our team of highly experienced field service technicians help you become more productive

Is Timsons Service – The Missing Piece in your business?

To run a profitable business you need to provide services as good or better, and at the same price or cheaper than your competition. To do that your equipment needs to perform as well or better than theirs.

If it was just a matter of condition then everyone would keep their equipment pristine, unfortunately its not that simple.

Timsons Service takes a different approach

We understand optimal performance relies on many factors:

  • Type Of  Work – Text / Halftone
  • Type of Paper – Weight & Coating
  • Size of Change Over – Scheduling
  • Run Length – Acceptable Waste Percentages
  • Paper Compatibility – Width & Run-ability
  • Equipment Condition – Ability to print required quality at rated speeds
  • Operator Understanding – Management Expectations – Waste & Productivity
  • Operator Skill-Set – Ability to operate machine & correctly diagnose issues

It may not be the press that’s broken! 
It is our understanding of everything that goes into being a successful book printer, that allows our experienced field service technicians to identify and formulate an action plan to address the most vital issues.

If it  is broken we can fix it, however poor performance may not be all press related.  Have our highly trained Service Technicians perform a Productivity Audit at your facility & get more from your Timson