Timson T32

The Timson T32 – “The Original Book Press”

Originally developed in the late 1970’s to fulfill a specific contract, Timsons’ were quick to realize that they had developed the perfect book press of the period.

In fact the T32 range of machines were so prolific at producing book signatures economically & ergonomically, that they are still competitive even in todays’ “digital world”.

Subsequent development of our T48 range of book presses, providing even faster “no join”  makereadies, higher speeds & automation,  have made the T32 design somewhat obsolete, however a used T32 is still a good choice for any printer on a tight budget.

Recognizing this Timsons Inc has partnered with Newman International llc as our authorized used press distributor. John Newman is fluent in English, Spanish & Portuguese & can help potential Timson owners find the right book press for them at the right price.

If you are looking for a used Timson Press, please contact John Newman, specifying the book sizes you wish to produce.